Zara Martin

Zara Martin

Hot off the plane from DJing at a fashion event in Milan, we caught up with British model, actress and DJ, Zara Martin on a chilly Winter's day at The Curtain hotel in London.

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1.Tell us about about a day in the life of Zara Martin

Every day is totally different - but always starts with a coffee, and maybe a workout.

Being a DJ must mean you get to hang out in some of the coolest cities – which is your favourite?

I’ve been to some amazing places, but London truly has my heart

How to do you like to wind down after a hectic day or late DJ set?

Watch a TED Talk.

Which artists do you play that are guaranteed to get everyone moving on the dance floor?

Drake. And Britney.

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Favourite designers to wear?

I'm obsessed with Fendi. New designers? I love everything Alessandra Rich does.

What would you say is your signature look? How would you describe your personal style?

Hair and heels.

Do you have any new year resolutions

It's not really a resolution but would love to pick up a new skill and learn to play an instrument.

And lastly, as we ask everyone.. what do you wear to bed?

A silk nightdress, of course!

Thank you, Zara!