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Quoting Oscar de la Renta, “silk does for the body what diamonds do for the hand”. With its long established reputation of being a luxurious textile, from ancient dynasties to haute couture houses, silk is known for its delicate appearance, incredibly smooth surface, and radiant lustre. A versatile fabric, silk can be produced and crafted in many ways. At YOLKE, perhaps our favourite application is silk pyjama sets. Let's take a look why...


There’s no doubt that silk is everyone’s choice for sleepwear. With its ability to provide thermal balance, no other fabric can help you get the perfect’s night sleep unlike silk as it provides the wearer coolness during the summer, and warmth in the winter months. Highly absorbent yet dry to touch, silk allows for good air circulation as it promotes breathability through the rapid evaporation of excess moisture. Silk is also distinctively soft and light to touch, carrying as well a natural sheen that allows any print or colour printed onto it to be radiantly vibrant.In spite of its delicate appearance, silk is made of extremely strong and durable fibres, making it an ideal choice for creating sleepwear that will last through time. From sleeping in the weekend to taking a modern spin on pyjama dressing, our silk sleepwear and pyjama sets are perfect for adding a bit of luxury to anyone’s home and wardrobe.


Silk is considered to be hypoallergenic, giving an overall positive effect to its wearer’s skin as it resists dust, fungus and similar allergens. Silk also carries thermal balancing properties as it keeps the wearer cool during warmer days yet preserves bodily heat in the cold. In contrast to its artificial or polyester substitutes, silk doesn’t create static electricity as easily as it falls effortlessly on the body and glides smoothly against an iron.


Contrary to popular belief, silk can be easily cared for inside the home. Whilst YOLKE typically recommends for its silk sleepwear to be taken for dry cleaning, our silk pyjama sets can be washed in the comforts of your home through a delicate cool wash setting using specialist silk detergent.YOLKE’s silk pyjama sets can also be hand-washed by soaking the pyjamas in cool water using the same detergent. As silk is a delicate fabric, washing our silk PJ's and loungewear in a high temperature setting may ruin the colours and texture of the fabric.Our silk sleepwear however, can be washed repeatedly using the right settings without causing damage to the fabric as our pyjama sets are made to be extra durable.


As YOLKE’s silk sleepwear are created to stand the test of time, our ladies' silk pyjama sets are finished with durable French seams and elegant piping. We always strive to choose high quality textiles for all our silk PJ's, loungewear and matching eye masks. However, as daily wear can take its toll on such delicate products, our silk pyjama sets can be easily repaired with simple sewing, or sent back to us for evaluation and repair.Our ladies’ silk pyjama sets also always come with extra buttons, should the stitches come loose from everyday wear and maintenance.



Whilst silk is typically known to be a material that can only be maintained through dry-cleaning, our silk sleepwear can be easily washed at home using the right settings. YOLKE recommends washing our silk pyjama sets and loungewear using delicate cool wash setting and specialist silk detergent. Hand-washing or spot cleaning can also be done as an alternative to clean your favourite silk PJ's.Washing our silk pyjamas using these settings does not detrimentally affect the natural sheen and lustre of the fabric, nor will it destroy the delicate fibres or shrink the overall shape of the garment. Our silk eye masks can also be cleaned using the same way.As with everything, the proper approach to caring needs to be applied for any of our silk sleepwear to last.


To preserve the natural properties of the fabric, YOLKE’s silk sleepwear, loungewear and eye masks need to be stored in a cool, dry area to prevent any mould, fungi or similar allergens to take over.

Should you choose to iron your silk sleepwear, we recommend that you do so by ironing your pyjama sets or loungewear on the reverse to prolong the sheen, colour and print of the garment.


Like linen, silk is widely recognised to be one of the oldest textiles in the world, dating back to 3630 BC when it was first discovered in the Chinese Neolithic period. The first ever piece of silk was found in the Henan Province, the cradle of ancient Chinese civilisation. According to ancient Chinese myth, the weaving of silk fibres was invented by Lady Hsi Ling Shih – the wife of the legendary Yellow Emperor who is believed to have ruled China in 3000 BC.In ancient times, silk was a material exclusively reserved for nobility such as the emperor and those closely related to him from his blood-related kin to members of high-ranking dignitaries. Further down the history of China, silk even became a kind of currency at some point with peasants paying taxes using the fabric alongside grain. It carried an almost equivalent weight of unit as gold or silver.Made from natural fibres, silk is composed mainly of fibroin produced specifically by the insect larvae of the mulberry silkworm to form cocoons. The triangular prism-like structure of the silk fibre is what creates the lustre of the fabric, as it allows for the refraction of light from different angles, producing different streams of colours. Whilst the mulberry worm is the most popular choice of larvae for silk, fibres from other insects such as bees, wasps, ants and even beetles, can be used to weave the fabric.In the modern context, silk is commonly chosen as a favourite amongst luxury brands for its opulent and delicate appearance, luxuriously soft and smooth feel, yet versatility and durability in its usage.

5 common myths about silk


This is a myth we love to debunk here at YOLKE. While we understand that silk is commonly perceived to be difficult and expensive to maintain, our silk sleepwear can be easily cared for at home using the right settings. Our silk pyjama sets and loungewear can be thrown in the washing machine under delicate cool water setting, using specialist silk detergent to preserve their shape and colours. This setting allows for our silk PJ's to maintain its sheen and lustre, and does not destroy the fabric fibres. Our silk pyjama sets and silk loungewear are made from high quality materials, allowing these garments to be extra durable to stand the test of time and usage. In fact, some of our wearers find washed silk to be more enjoyable as it enables our silk pyjama sets to be even softer and smoother for sleeping in.


Similar to the myth of dry cleaning, silk is often mistakenly perceived to shrink when washed, especially with the use of the machine. However, as our silk sleepwear are made from high quality fabrics, our silk pyjama sets are proven to retain their shape after washing – given that they are cared for correctly and lovingly. We recommend for the temperature and setting of the water to be double-checked before throwing in your favourite silk PJ's and eye masks for washing.


Contrary to popular belief, high quality silk does not catch static electricity as easily as other cheap fabric alternatives such as satin silks or other variations made from polyester fibres. Unlike its mixed satin counterparts, our silk sleepwear offerings are made from natural fibres, making our pyjama sets light and slippery to touch for static electricity to occur. Our silk PJ's and loungewear do not cling easily and uncomfortably to skin and rougher textures, but falls and glides easily on the body or on any other surfaces. Our silk eye masks carry the same characteristics – soft to touch and generously padded, these silk accessories are the icing on the cake alongside our sumptuous pyjama sets and daywear.


As silk is produced using tightly woven and smooth fibres, our silk pyjama sets are highly absorbent yet remain dry to touch. This allows for moisture to be locked in the body whilst maintaining breathability. It has been proven by many dermatologists that sleeping on or in silk pyjama sets and loungewear allow for the body to stay hydrated for longer compared to cotton and other fabrics. This makes silk sleepwear and loungewear the perfect solution for dry, winter nights with silk promoting luminosity and hydration to the skin.


Silk is not a textile that is easily reproduced. Unlike other sleepwear made from cheaper alternatives, silk pyjama sets considerably cost more as silk fibres are made from cocoons wherein thousands are required to produce even one pound of the fabric. This also involves a slow process of spinning, and weaving for the fibres to be produced into a full roll of fabric. The production process of silk results to silk pyjama sets to be more expensive and luxurious than other options in the market. However, it is important to note that silk sleepwear and loungewear are designed and produced to be bought more consciously with the idea for these pyjama sets to last through trends and seasons. Wearing silk pyjama sets also presents a myriad of benefits to the wearer, with silk boosting overall health through its hypoallergenic qualities and thermal balancing properties.

Cerise Women's Classic Silk Pyjama Set | YOLKE
Leopard Print Silk Eye Mask | YOLKE
Soleil Women's Classic Silk Pyjama Set | YOLKE

our favourite silk sleepwear

The hardest question to answer at YOLKE HQ – what are some of our favourite silk sleepwear styles? A question similar to asking what someone’s favourite film is, albeit in the world of silk sleepwear and fashion.In our case, as we do our best as YOLKE to approach the design process with careful consideration and intention, our silk PJ's come in a variety of prints, colours and cuts for every customer. From our signature delicate florals, vintage-inspired prints to quirky illustrations either made in-house or through collaborations with some of our favourite artists, our ladies' silk pyjama sets, loungewear and accessories are made to satisfy every customer.

silk pyjama sets

All of YOLKE’s women’s classic silk pyjama sets are crafted in our signature blend of stretch silk. Crease-free, soft and warm on the skin, this blend of silk moves effortlessly alongside the wearer’s body for a good night’s beauty sleep. Our silk PJ's also come in matching dressing gowns and eye masks to finish the look sumptuously. All our prints are also available in different silk loungewear styles from slinky slips to trendy wrap dresses, designed as a modern twist to pyjama dressing, and easy, effortless layering especially as the cooler months come.

silk eye masks

The perfect complement to YOLKE’s line of ladies’ silk pyjama sets, our eye masks also come handcrafted from silk. Unlike our classic ladies' silk PJ's, YOLKE’s eye masks are made from pure silk. This allows for our bold colours and vibrant prints to shine through, and to provide a complete blackout as the wearer enters sleep slumber.Our silk eye masks are made to match our line of  silk sleepwear, having been created in the same collection of playful prints and colours to add the finishing touches to the wearer's sleep wardrobe. Elasticated and padded generously, our silk eye masks are soft to touch and comfortable to sleep in, effortlessly keeping the morning rays out.


Since its launch, YOLKE has experimented with different blends of silk through immense research and design development, to find what it now calls as its signature. Made from 94% silk and 6% spandex, YOLKE’s signature ladies' silk pyjama sets allow the fabric to be extra soft and smooth, and even crease-free. Unlike a pure blend of silk, the hint of stretch allows our silk sleepwear and loungewear to move more fluidly, and to sit comfortably on the body as it glides effortlessly along with the wearer. 

YOLKE believes this special blend differentiates our silk pyjama sets and loungewear from the rest, making our styles special and unique compared to other offerings in the market.Designed in a classic pyjama silhouette finished with a YOLKE twist, our silk pyjama sets come with a rounded revere collar with full-length sleeves and front patch pocket, paired with easy slip-on drawstring full-length trousers with functional side pockets, that can be tightened or loosened on the waist for a perfectly adjustable fit. As our silk PJ's come in decadent prints and rich colours, YOLKE’s silk sleepwear offerings are designed to be taken out of the bedroom to the outside world.Why only dress comfortably at home when you can do so in the workplace stylishly? Easily mixed and matched with denim jeans, tailored trousers or cosy sweaters, YOLKE’s silk pyjama sets make the case for flexible, transitional and comfortable dressing. Our carefully curated collection of silk sleepwear is meant to set the trend for loungewear to become the new workwear, pushing the boundaries for playful pyjama dressing in and out of the bedroom.

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