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Meet Vanessa Packer – the esteemed founder of modelFIT. Established 2014 with its headquarters in New York, modelFit strives to make working out as an enjoyable experience as the results you see after. Having created an environment that has encouraged the likes of Karlie Kloss to become regulars, we celebrate the launch of their new streaming service set to make modelFit available worldwide. We caught up with Vanessa to get the full scoop.

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To those of us outside of the USA, can you give us a brief overview of what modelFIT is and how it came to be?

I started modelFIT out of a desire to create a wellness experience that felt beautiful while also being effective. The idea was to marry mindful nutrition with mindful exercise in order to create sustainable long lasting change. The physical studios are an oasis from the chaos of the city, and the new digital platform offers our customised workout in a convenient and easy to follow away so it's ultimately more accessible to a wider audience that maybe doesn't have access to our studios.

What do you think the secret to the success of the brand has been?

When we opened, 'boutique fitness' wasn't yet a big industry as it is today. We were really one of the first in New York, and definitely the very first on the Bowery in the second floor space. In addition to that, we've always remained true to our vision and to helping people live a healthy lifestyle. We practice what we preach and really are here to serve the customer. I think with all the noise out there, we've stayed consistent and clients trust that.

We are really excited to hear it’s becoming accessible to the rest of the world. Tell us about the streaming service.

It's up! You can sign up and stream from our online platform as well as from our app. It's a subscription service with new videos added weekly, as well as new playlists updated regularly. We have full body as well as targeted videos per body part or body goal. Whether you have 10 minutes or hours to workout, the program is really customisable and easy to use so you can get exactly what you need. Also, the equipment is very lightweight, and you can start by using just your own body weight! So it's great if you don't have a lot of storage space, or you travel a lot, you can do it from anywhere and take it with you everywhere you go. The workout targets small muscles in dynamic sequencing movements that tone tighten and elongate the body. No bulking!

Do you think it requires a lot of self motivation to work out via an app rather than being encouraged by a trainer in a studio?

Not necessarily, I think it's more about creating a routine around it. Working out is like brushing your teeth, if you treat it as a normal part of your everyday and work it into your routine it becomes habit and that is where real change happens.

What is your routine when it comes to working out?

Working out for me is both a mental and physical release. I crave movement and it helps me process the craziness of everyday life, and the challenges that come up. I try to do something physical everyday and in all honesty it's nine times out of ten usually modelFIT. I love going into the studio, but now on the days I can't get there I have the app! Before I would go on a run or do some yoga but now I can stream a video on a whim! It's a dream come true haha.

What are the core values of the brand?

Our core values are centred around helping people and being agents of change. We want everyone that comes into contact with our brand to leave feeling lighter, more centred, more grounded, and ultimately better in their body. Respecting that each individual is on his/her own journey and being a positive and uplifting addition to that. Leave people better than you found them.

What is your vision for modelFIT?

I think we are living the vision. Growing a wellness business that is grounded in authenticity and providing a service that helps people. Being adaptable to the ever-changing world in that vision.

And finally, what do you sleep in?!

YOLKE or nothing! ;)


Thank you, Vanessa!

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