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Jemima Jones & Lucy Carr-Ellison


Meet Jemima Jones and Lucy Carr-Ellison––the awe-inspiring duo behind Tart London, and undoubtedly the fashion industry's favourite caterers. From clients ranging from Kate Moss to Eddie Redmayne, you've probably already ogled over their mouthwatering dishes on Instagram and their weekly recipes on the Evening Standard. Just in time for the launch of Wild by Tart ––a creative space running as a restaurant, café, photography studio, retail and event space all rolled into one, we catch the girls on a sunny weekday in their new home in Victoria and chat them up over some scrumptious brunch.
Caught on film by our previous YOLKE Girl Lily Bertrand-Webb
Shot on location at Wild by Tart

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Tell us about your new space, Wild by Tart––what's the inspiration behind it? 

We have always dreamt about creating a permanent home in London for Tart that's open to the public and houses an immersive lifestyle world of a deli, bar and a restaurant combined with a retail space––that'll have our own designed products and pieces we pick up on our travels, and a photography studio. A place that feels creative and forever changing through the events we host and the collaborations we do.


Where do you find inspiration for your recipes?

From amazing seasonal produce, bouncing ideas off each other (whilst flicking through cookbooks!) to being lucky enough to eat out at restaurants in London and our travels.


What are your some of your favourite ingredients to work with?

Garlic, chilli, olive oil, sea salt, shallots, coriander, bay leaves, basil, rosemary and lemon to name a few!


If you had to choose a favourite dish from your book "A Love for Eating", what would it be?

Right now, we are enjoying making ice creams for these warmer months––especially our naughty dime and roasted almond one! 



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What are some of your favourite dining spots in London?

Brat, The Barbarry, Scully, Trullo, Sabor, Smoking Goat, Lahore Kebab House, Xu, Towpath Café and Clipstone.


Moving to fashion, as you both were working in the industry before––how was the shift like from fashion to food? Did you feel like it was a drastic change?

No, not drastic at all as we were both still working in the fashion world catering for fashion shoots, events and shows when we started with food. It wasn't like we suddenly left the the 'glamour' of it all to work in the back of a kitchen. We always wanted to combine the two together as we believe eating should be a visceral experience and look beautiful and sexy too––like a model on the glossy pages! Getting to work in a world of food, recipe testing, taking through ideas and eating all day felt liberating and exciting especially with us being able to set our own rules and be our own bosses. Now we really get to combine the best of both worlds under the roof at Wild by Tart!


How would you describe your personal style?

We are quite similar. We both dress for comfort and simplicity in the day––blue jeans, a shirt, blazer and boots are our usual looks to then loving wearing something more dressy, silky and elegant come the evenings.


Lastly, a question we ask everyone... what do you wear to sleep?

Jemima: A baggy t-shirt but now being a YOLKE Girl... a smart PJ set!

Lucy: Definitely a PJ girl.


Thank you so much, Jemima & Lucy!

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