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Sheherazade Goldsmith

Sheherazade Goldsmith

Well travelled, multilingual and a voracious reader of books – who else could we be referring to other than the beguiling Sheherazade Goldsmith? The co-founder and designer of Loquet London, we cosied up with the jewellery designer on a chilly autumn day in her West London home.

Photographed by Lily Bertrand-Webb

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Tell us a bit about your brand Loquet – how did it come about?

A present from my son gave me an idea, which Laura and I turned into a concept over a dinner that became a meeting and then another. It was something we both thought it we’d love to wear but couldn’t find and loved the idea of allowing people to create their own pieces. It’s a celebration of individualism, of life and shared emotions.

We LOVE the idea behind 'Mini My World'. Could you tell us a bit more about it?

Mini my world is competition we ran to encourage our customers to design their own charm. Loquet is about people’s lives, the moments that make them smile the people they love, the memories they cherish. Our collection of charms is a reflection of mine and Laura’s life, so we wanted to let our customers be the designers, to tell their story through a bespoke piece. We love the idea of Loquet being a community of shared experiences, a place where people can disclose a moment that is meaningful, a moment that inspires.

Where do you find inspiration for designing your beautiful jewellery?

My inspiration comes from my travels. All the charms in our collection have a symbolic meaning that is related to a culture from somewhere I've been. I love the adventure of discovering new places, experiencing new sounds, tastes and colours. Contextualising the symbolism of our charms is very important to our collections - they're all attached to a true fable.

Home is London for you, but where are your favourite travel destinations so far?

I’ve loved everywhere I’ve been! It’s impossible to pick one destination as everywhere has something wonderful and different to offer. Travel is an excitement, a challenge and I’ve never been anywhere that I haven’t found at least one reason to fall in love with.

Your home is beautifully decorated. What are your most treasured pieces?

The objects my children have made me. I have so many as they were bountiful in their early years, sadly arts and crafts is not part of teenagedom, so the supply has slowed. Aside from that it’s a giant wooden mushroom in the corner of my bedroom. A reminder of one of my favourite childhood novels.

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You also have a very impressive collection of books in your library! Which do you value the most?

I treasure them all as I only keep books that I love. Alice in Wonderland is never far from my bed, a subtle existential journey that is every bit as powerful as a Dostoevsky novel, but the ones that have had the most impact are Aldous Huxley’s ‘Brave New World’ and Scott Fitzgerald’s ‘Tender is the Night’. Both of which I read in my early teens, yet they’ve remained relevant all through my life. They’re a reflection of the times we live, people I’ve met, issues I’m concerned with despite having been written several decades before I was born. There is something vaguely reassuring in the knowledge that the world has always felt this chaotic.

How would you describe your personal style? What are your go-to brands?

Comfort is essential, so trainers are always a first, the outfit comes after. A staple coat and cashmere knitwear, essential. My clothes are usually understated but feminine with a little playfulness. I’m loyal to the same brands and it takes something different to deter me from my go-to’s. Phoebe’s Celine a staple as well as years of loyalty to Prada and Miu Miu (from conception).

How do you unwind when you’re not working on designing for Loquet?

I love going to the cinema - The Curzon on Shaftesbury avenue is a favourite as they have a fantastic curation of films and always screen movies with limited cinema release but that deserve to been scene on a big screen. It’s also ideally placed next to some of the best restaurants in London, most of which don’t take reservations, so it’s easy to walk in on the night. I also kind of love not having a destination.

And lastly, as we ask everyone.. what do you wear to bed?

Knickers – pyjamas are for breakfast!


Thank you Sheherazade!

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