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Lindsey Holland

Lindsey is our kind of #YOLKEgirl. An accidental fashion star, she started her blog as a way out of her heavy university work load. Now both a practising physiologist and blogger, she combines her two very different day jobs with great style. We met Lindsey at her new London home, having recently made the move down from Manchester.

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What brought you to London?

A heavy break-up! I came on a whim looking to change as much of my life as I could. I gave physiology up for two months whilst I worked at a fashion house, but I was soon back at it as I realised that working in fashion in that capacity wasn't for me.

Can you give us your top tips for a day out back home in Manchester?

I always head straight to the Northern Quarter. It has the best mix of brunch places, coffee and vintage shopping. COW vintage is amazing! Then I love Evelyn's for a sharing plate type lunch, and Magma for the most amazing collection of magazines.

Favourite place in London so far?

Where do I start!? I think my favourite place is the Electric Cinema in Notting Hill, it's literally the best all round experience! London feels like home now, I miss it when I'm away. I love that there's always something new and exciting to do, but really I just love wandering on a Sunday with a coffee around North West.

As well as being a blogger you’re also a qualified physiologist. What are your best tips for body care for those of us stuck behind a computer all day?

Posture! Be mindful of poking your chin forwards to read / see the screen, it's a recipe for neck pain! and of course, sit up straight to avoid an aching back. Take regular breaks and little walks for cups of tea!

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How do you look after your own body?

I work out about 4 times per week at Frame. I usually do Barre and Reformer Pilates. I have a balanced diet but would never deny myself of chocolate! 

Back to fashion, what led you becoming a blogger?

I started my blog at the same time as my Physio Degree. All the human anatomy revision was just too much and I felt I needed to do something more creative. I basically started a tumblr page that sat on a blog and it has grown so organically over the last 5 years. I never imagined a hobby would become my business! It really kicked off for me when I moved to London, in a way I would never have foreseen.

Where do you look for fashion inspiration?

Instagram! Not necessarily to other bloggers, but stylists, and other influential, inspiring people.

Are there any new brands you’re currently obsessed with?

Not very new brands but, I absolutely love Simon Miller NYC clothing! The bags are amazing too, but they can be seen everywhere now. I also love By Far shoes, not too high, but can make almost anything look chic.

Where and when is your next trip?

Next trip is Lisbon for mum's 60th! Then I'll be in Paris for projects surrounding Fashion Week. And then… off to LA for a holiday and to create some new videos for my new YouTube channel which is exciting!

And finally, what do you sleep in?

An old scruffy t-shirt!

(We may have to change that...)


Thank you, Lindsey!

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