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Christmas Traditions


By Jessica Jonzen for The Home Page

On crisp December morning Jessica Jonzen from The Home Page sat down with YOLKE's founder and creative directer Ella Ringner, to discuss her families favourite Christmas traditions. Discover Ella's Swedish heritage and the how she celebrates the festive season.


Homemade swedish buns for Christmas


"I love the old traditions at Christmas, and baking is a huge part of that for me. We make a gingerbread house in early December and decorate it – we really go to town on it. I don’t use a kit and the kids get really involved and decorate their own pieces. On Christmas Eve they’re allowed to smash it up! It’s brilliant fun and they really love it.

I also love baking Swedish Lussekatt saffron buns for friends and neighbours as a little pre-Christmas bundle of love. My father is Swedish and we would spend every other Christmas in Sweden, so these really remind me of those happy times."


"I wrap all our presents in brown paper from the Post Office, and then make ribbons from old Yolke silks or old clothes which are beyond repair. I’ll also thread the ribbons onto our old glass baubles, and these look so pretty suspended above the dining table.

A lot of our decorations were on my Christmas tree as a child. Some of them belonged to my great grandmother – we have some clip candleholders which would have had real lit candles in them which is ridiculous! But the same candle that was on there when my mum was a little girl comes out every year onto our tree. We tell the children the stories behind each decoration, and every year we buy a decoration each for them and I think those are lovely traditions to carry on – it’s a lovely thing when you’re decorating the tree to have all these stories."

Ella Ringner Sets the festive table with her daughter while they both match in YOLKE Dresses
A snapshot of YOLKE's christmas shoot
YOLKE's linen napkins as part of the Christmas Table
Ella Ringner hangs a christmas wreath wearing YOLKE
Ella Ringner Sets the Christmas Table with YOLKE homeware


I always lay the table the night before a big celebration – I do that with birthdays and Easter too, so when you come downstairs in the morning it looks beautiful. I remember coming downstairs as a child and deeply believing that the Easter Bunny had been and it was the same with Father Christmas. Hopefully it’s not too overbearing for anyone else but I love it. There will be a Yolke tablecloth on the table, a wreath in the middle, and candles vintage baubles and antique glasses so it all looks very magical and twinkly.

My style is very vintage and there are lots of traditional things which have come down through the family – the one theme is that it’s very mismatched. We have a set of plates I bought from a charity shop in Sweden when I was about 12 for the equivalent of £1. They’re chipped and the gold has worn off but they’re still so special. We’ve got beautiful Christmas napkin rings which I found in a second hand shop and this year we’ll have our new napkins from our collaboration with the designer Cressida Jamieson which feature beautifully embroidered strawberries on crisp white linen.

On Christmas Day

"On Christmas Eve, the children are allowed to open one present under the tree, and it’s always a pair of Christmas pyjamas Little Yolke of course! I’m sure my daughter would prefer something glittery with a unicorn on it but she’s young enough for me to encourage her to wear them. We put the stockings up, leave out the treats for Father Christmas and try to get them to bed.

We all wake up on Christmas morning in our matching pj’s – apart from my husband of course! Then the kids open their stockings, we come down for breakfast. We’ll do eggs, salmon and croissants. We always have Classic FM on with the traditional carols playing and start cooking and we try to wait until after lunch to start opening presents. We don’t do turkey – often it’s a nice bit of beef. I grew up having a ham and my husband had turkey but it’s nice to introduce your own traditions, too. There is a real magic to the day – not just for the children, but for us too."

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Close up of YOLKE X Cressida Jamieson Homeware Collaboration
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