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How to Iron Silk Pyjamas

You may have owned your silk pyjamas for a while – or they may be a new addition to your wardrobe. Whether you want to send them to the dry cleaners or decide to clean and care for them yourself at home, there will always be a time when there is an unwanted crease or crumple. Do you know how to iron silk pyjamas? We’ll help you to care for them.

How to iron silk pyjamas

To keep your silk pyjamas looking fresh and wrinkle-free, it is essential to know how to iron silk. To maintain the luxurious feel and appearance of your silk clothing, follow YOLKE’s guide to ensure that they stay looking perfect for a long time.

How to prepare your fabric 

Silk must always be damp before ironing. This helps to keep the shape and texture of the fabric. If the silk dries too quickly, keep a water spray bottle nearby to dampen before ironing. Ironing directly after hand washing is a perfect time – and remember to turn the silk pyjamas inside out.

Ignore heat, use steam

Never iron directly onto your silk pyjamas otherwise the heat will seriously damage the fabric. A press cloth – a small piece of cotton – is an important piece when ironing your garment. Set your iron to the lowest heat setting (some have a silk setting), lay your silk pyjamas flat on the ironing board, put the press cloth on top and iron carefully. If you don’t have a press cloth, use a pillowcase, hand towel or handkerchief – simple!

Pressing or heating? 

Ironing silk is completely different to normal ironing! When we iron any other garments, we are used to a high heat setting, pressing down hard and pushing across the fabric. When ironing your silk pyjamas, focus on an area that is creased or wrinkled, and press gently with the iron through the press cloth. When you have lifted the iron, leave the area to cool and then focus on another area of fabric. Do not leave the iron in place for a long period (even with the press cloth) as this may cause the silk to burn.

How to avoid wrinkling

A way to avoid ironing is to stop the wrinkles in the first place! To achieve this, when ironing, ensure that the section is laid flat, and stays taut so that you don’t create new wrinkles. If you take the garment off the ironing board before the material is completely cool, this can also create wrinkles. Your silk pyjamas will then remain smooth and wrinkle-free!

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