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How to Iron Cotton Pyjamas – easy steps 

You may have been wearing cotton garments for years, or you may be new to the fabric. Cotton is one of the most valuable materials in the textile industry, and has been used for commercial clothing manufacturing for a long time. Very versatile, it can be used for many items, from outdoor clothing, pyjamas and socks to bed linen, tableware and drapes.

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Cotton luxury

YOLKE’s pyjamas are produced from the finest cotton. Just because we spend some of our time wearing them in bed (they are luxurious enough to wear to lounge in your living room) that doesn’t mean that we have to have wrinkles in our pyjamas. We like to have them freshly pressed! But…

Do you know how to care for cotton pyjamas?

First, we need to learn about cotton to understand their ironing needs. Cotton has been used by humans for a long time – some cotton fabric has been found in Peru, and dates back to around 6000 BC. It became highly sought after as a popular fabric in Britain after it was first imported in the sixteenth century, and was composed of a mixture of linen or yarn. 

By the eighteenth century, the middle classes were seeking a fabric that would match their demands for durability yet also colour and ease of washing; cotton answered their demands for a perfect fabric. Cotton clothes are extremely comfortable, due to its natural fibres. Cotton garments are not only soft and gentle on the skin, but can be much more breathable than a polyester blended fabric. So…

How to iron cotton pyjamas?

It is very important to check the label before washing, drying and ironing your cotton pyjamas. This will determine whether the garments are 100% cotton, or a cotton mix – and will tell you whether you can iron the pyjamas or not.

Damp cotton is easier to iron

If you are drying your clothes on a washing line or airer, take them off for ironing before they are dry, or remove your pyjamas from the dryer before the others have finished their cycle. It is generally easier to remove any wrinkles from the clothing when damp – fully dry clothing is harder to iron as the wrinkles are more set into the cloth.

Set up the ironing board

Put up your ironing board in an area where there is easy access to an electrical point, plug in your iron and set it to the cotton setting (this us usually the highest setting). Fill the iron with distilled water if you plan to use steam, and if you don’t have a steam option on your iron, fill a water spray bottle with distilled water and spray the cotton lightly before you iron each section of the garment.

Turn your garment inside out

This will ensure that the direct heat from the ironing board won’t remove any of the finish on the cotton garment. It is very important to pay careful attention to how the garment is shaped or stitched together, so that you only iron very smoothly over one portion or panel at a time. How to iron cotton pyjamas? Start with the front, then the back, then one sleeve at a time. Easy!

Keep the iron moving

The iron must be in a constant motion when ironing any cotton clothing. You don’t have to move across the pyjamas very fast, but you must not let the iron sit still or rest on the cotton for any length of time, as it may make a permanent scorch mark on the fabric.

After ironing your cotton pyjamas

Make sure that you hang/fold your pyjamas immediately after you have finished ironing, and don’t wait until they are fully dry and cool. This is because the heated fabric can wrinkle again if not stored! Make sure to fasten buttons, so that your YOLKE pyjamas maintain their shape while folded.

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