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How to Clean a Silk Dress

All YOLKE’s silk products are produced from the finest silk. The complicated structure of this delicate fabric means that it is sometimes confusing knowing how to correctly wash and care for silk products.

All delicate fabrics, such as wool, linen and silk require a careful specialist cleaning regime, using specific mild washing detergent and a lower temperature washing cycle – this is to protect the natural properties of the silk

How to care for different silks

All silk garments and products are very different to care for. Cleaning and caring for silk pillowcases will not be the same for silk dresses or pyjamas.

The natural properties of silk dresses and other clothing require a lower temperature than cotton, polyester and other fabrics. This is because the introduction of heat can cause severe damage to the silk fibres.

How to clean a silk dress? Where to start

Dry cleaning is recommended for most silk garments, as it is the most gentle of ways to care for them. But it is also possible to clean them at home, if you follow the correct steps.

How to machine wash a silk dress

Make sure to check the label on your silk dress. Any silk items are usually fine to machine wash at a cool temperature (usually below 30°c). If you’ve never machine-washing any silk and feel a bit unsure, set your washing machine to the lowest temperature it can. These are usually displayed as ‘gentle wash’, ‘sensitive wash’ and some have a dedicated ‘silk cycle’.

How to hand wash a silk dress

If you have decided you would like to hand wash your silk dress, it’s quite important to use a lighter detergent, due to the fact that silk is such a delicate fabric. These particular detergents, unlike regular ones, offer a more neutralised PH level, and will be gentle on the silk’s natural fibres. If you can’t find a specialist detergent, one designed for babies is good – it is very mild.

How often to clean a silk dress?

Depending on the age of the fabric, you should wash silk dresses after two to three wears. Silk is know for its hypoallergenic qualities, so washing your silk dress regularly will help to remove dust and bacteria that settles into the fabric – and these may lead to skin problems.

How to care for a silk dress after washing

Treat your silk dress very delicately after washing. Lie your wet garment on a bath towel, carefully roll up and leave for a few hours. This draws out a lot of the moisture. Unwrap your silk dress and lay flat to dry – ideally outside in warmer weather! Just be sure not to hang directly in the sun, as the colours may fade.

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