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Get to know Tara Griffi and her gorgeous daughter Luna as you curl up in your silk pyjamasA British model and DJ, Tara shares her thoughts on family, the fashion industry and her love for her hometown.

Photos by Ithaka Roddam

Interview with Tara Griffin

Where do you call home?

We live in a town called Worthing near Brighton, but for me London will always be my home. It's where I spent ten years of my life from the age of 17. It is where I grew into the person I am today, where all my friends are and where I work most days. We would definitely like to make the move back to the city as a family soon.

Tell us about your journey into the world of modelling and music.

I was always very into music and fashion at school. I remember hiding Vogue in my maths textbook! When I was 17 and at college, my brother bought me tickets to London Fashion Week. I was scouted by Models1 walking in and I literally called my college teacher the next day to say I was moving to London that week. I have been modelling ever since. I have worked with some amazing brands and feel very lucky.

I started out living with my brother in Shoreditch, but eventually moved into my own place in Camden. It was there where I started my own club nights where I would DJ. I soon started to book gigs around London and got an agent.  

What has been the best gig you have played?

I played the Armani Summer Garden live events which were a great vibe and so fun to DJ. I have completely vintage set made up of 50's rock and roll, 60's, Soul and Motown and Indie, so my set was completely different to past DJ's they had booked. The set went down really well!.

Another favourite was playing the Avengers Film Party. I had a bit of a pinch me moment with Scarlet Johanson in the bathroom.   

We know you are a busy woman! Walk us through the day in the life of Tara Griffin. 

Being a mum, I seem to live two different lives to be honest. When I’m working it will be amazing locations, studios, hair and makeup on photoshoots.

I am also a fashion blogger on Instagram so my days can involve venturing out to shoot content for brands. I'm lucky my other half, Andy, is a great photographer as well as musician. He shoots my photos.

When I am home my days are very much based around my two beautiful girls. School runs, catching up on emails, keeping the house nice - I don't cook though, Andy does not let me anywhere near the kitchen. I could set fire to toast!  

Luna Griffin

You have a gorgeous family with two sweet little girls, how do you balance home and work life? 

Andy and I both have jobs that demand a lot of time away from home. Andy flies around the world for gigs with The Paul Weller Band, whilst I am often away on location. We both take turns being at home as we don't like to be away from our girls. I am very much a mum first with everything else coming second. I prefer not to be away for too long if I can help it as my girls are still so young. Gigi is 1, and Luna is 5. If I am working a lot in a week, I always make sure we have special days together when I am back to make up for lost time. FaceTime is always a saviour as well!

What are your 'mum on the go' essentials? 

I have a bag to rival Mary Poppins (it will never cease to amaze me how much stuff you need to bring out for young children!)Obviously, I never leave the house without my phone, Ipad and headphones. YouTube can save a mother’s life.Also found in my bag is my trusty Charlotte Tilbury Beach Sticks and Pillow Talk Lipstick. My time frame for getting ready in the morning is generally minutes and these products transform my tired face in a flash.When you have girls that like to shop as much as I do, a credit card is always within hands reach. and lastly, candy and snacks - because let’s be real - sometimes you have to bribe your children so you can finish your emails!

How would you describe your style?

My style is very 70's inspired with a laid-back rock and roll chic twist. Little effort is what I go for. I don't really follow any trends, but I know what I like when I see it. I love a good dress but live in jeans and teddy coats. I am a sucker for a good pair of Chelsea boots. Shoes and coats are what I buy most because I feel like if you nail those, the rest of the outfit is easy!

If you could swap wardrobes with anyone, who would it be? 

Alexa Chung, because has she ever got it wrong? or a young Jane Birkin.

What are your future plans?

I know its cliché for a dietary New Year promise, but I would love to try and go vegan. I am also working on not doubting myself so much.

Lastly – what do you wear to sleep?

My Leopard Print Silk Pyjamas from YOLKE - obviously!


Tips from Tara herself!


NRG Cavern - Worthing


Breakfast Club - Brighton 


Vintage shopping in the North Lane - Brighton


The Artist Residence - Brighton

Luna and Tara Griffin sat on yellow sofa in in YOLKE Dakota Meadow Classic Silk Pyjama Set Meadow
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