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Monica Ainley | Yolke Girl

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Monica Ainley

Monica Ainley – writer and creative consultant, is the perfect #YOLKEgirl. Dividing her time between Paris and London with a style to reflect it, she picked her favourite pieces from the collection and paired them with her own wardrobe staples. What else makes the perfect dose of inspiration?

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Where's home for you?

Between Notting Hill, London and the Marais, Paris.

Local hangout?

In London, I never tire of Portobello Road. In Paris, Rue de Bretagne’s cafés ad Marché des Enfants Rouge.

Favourite piece?

Aside from your dreamy personalised silken eye masks, I love the new Ivory Classics – as chic as you can possibly get while unconscious (and comfortable too!).

How will you style it?

Thinking of taking my new Ivory PJ top for an evening out in town, with tailored black trousers and maybe even a lil' kitten heel – purr!

Describe your style?


What do you sleep in?

Pyjamas, an eye mask and earplugs, always. Unless it’s really hot. Then a cotton nightie with the same accessories.


Thank you, Monica!

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