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Harriet Stewart

Harriet is a stylist, brand consultant and the Associate Fashion Editor of ELLE UK. Having recently welcomed her son Huckleberry Fox into the world, we caught up with our friend and long term #YOLKEgirl at home whilst she takes a bit of maternity leave and plans her upcoming wedding.

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How did you get to where you are today?

I attribute everything I do now to the course I studied at university, taking up Fashion Communication and Promotion at Central Saint Martins which I sort of ended up on by chance and where it all began. I had never considered a career in magazines but the minute I started on the course, I realised it was a combination of everything I loved. My first job after I graduated was as Fashion Assistant at Sunday Times Style where I spent four years working my way up, then moving on to ELLE, initially as Market Editor, and now as Associate Fashion Editor.

Greatest accomplishment so far?

I made a tiny human.

Do you have a personal style signifier?

I'm never without mismatched earrings (I rarely wear a matching pair!), a stack of the same 7 rings across both hands that I have worn for years and a stripe in some form or another. I'm known for being a bit of a show-off (not a good thing!) and I think that translates to the way I dress too; I like my outfits to involve something that says 'look at me!', whether that is a pair of gold boots, a sequin polo neck or a trophy jacket. This winter I have lived in a candy floss pink shearling teddy bear coat; I'm almost disappointed – it's not cold enough anymore to wear it!

Has having a baby changed the way you get dressed?

Well... aside from the practicalities required for breast feeding and running around after a baby, I really miss getting dressed up. I don't mean in evening attire, but just to the level that I used to dress for work. Comfort has always been paramount for me, so jeans and flats have always featured heavily in my wardrobe, but I miss the added flourishes that felt like part of my identity at work. A lurex polo neck or thigh-high boots feel a bit unnecessary for purée-ing vegetables! I'm looking forward to having more of a reason to dress up when I go back to work.

How would you wear pyjamas for day wear?

I'd wear the striped trousers with white trainers and a logo t-shirt, or wear the shirt tucked-in asymmetrically to a pair of high-waisted jeans.

You have a wedding coming up soon. How is the planning going?

Everything is pretty much sorted apart from the dress! I suppose because I work in fashion, it's the first thing people ask me about but because I spend so much of my time working with clothes, that's actually the least exciting part for me. I'm obsessing over table decorations and cocktail combinations at the moment. That and Huck's outfit!

What do you sleep in?

Nothing apart from my jewellery, which I never take off.


Thank you, Harriet!

Harriet’s Local Tips

THE SPICE SHOP | Portobello Road

I am obsessed with The Spice Shop on Portobello Road and always treat myself to a few new spice combinations and their signature yellow tins when I pass by. I fantasise about having a larder stacked floor-to-ceiling like that one day.


THE ANGLESEA ARMS | Brackenbury Village & THE OAK | Goldhawk Road

The Anglesea Arms in Brackenbury Village is one of our favourite local pubs, along with The Oak on Goldhawk Road. They do the best pizzas.


BEARS | Goldhawk Road

There is an amazing ice cream shop dangerously close to our house on Goldhawk Road called Bears. They serve Icelandic ice cream, blended with your choice of toppings – peanut butter, Crunchy Nut Cornflakes and raspberries is my current obsession! It's like a posh McFlurry's and I swear I have been single-handedly keeping them in business while on maternity leave (Bears – if you're reading this, a lifetime's supply of your soft serve would do nicely, thank you!)


THE WOLSELEY | Piccadilly Circus

Slightly further into central London, you can't beat a rum hot chocolate at The Wolseley. That was exactly what we doing right before my boyfriend proposed so it holds extra special memories for me.


THE SHED | Notting Hill Gate

And for a cosy dinner out, I love The Shed at Notting Hill Gate.


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