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Our very own Parisian meet cute as you might say! Way back when we were starting out, the newbies on the silk block back in 2013, we spent a day shooting our first silk sleep collection with a fresh faced Parisian and new to the modelling scene, Philou Celaries. A day spent dancing about in pyjamas! After the shoot, we went our separate ways but have always remembered the beautiful French girl who sang throughout that first campaign shoot in Anna’s flat.

Fast forward 7 years to a crisp Parisian day in January, Charlotte Lemay, part of the YOLKE Paris Girl Gang, came to visit us in our showroom to see the new collection with her plus one. Little did we know that the girls had been best friends for years and Philou walked through the doors arm in arm with Charlotte! After much excitement and catching up, an impromptu shoot was agreed. India Hartford-Davis, just so happened to be in town shooting for Paris Fashion Week and the girls made some magic out on the Jardin du Palais. These images celebrate the beauty of friendship and how our paths of life can cross again and again. 

And as our saying goes, once a YOLKE Girl, always a YOLKE Girl.

Photography by India Hartford-Davis

Charlotte Lemay and Philou Celaries pose together in YOLKE

How did you both meet and form such a wonderful friendship?

Philou: We met on a plane while going to a shoot in Ibiza. I don’t particularly love flying so Charlotte kindly suggested for me to sit next to her. She probably regretted it because I squeezed her arm so hard as we were passing through turbulences!

What do you admire most about each other?

Philou: Charlotte is definitely one of the most kind hearted and yet, the strongest person I know. She is true to her word, authentic, and loyal. Everybody needs a Charlotte in its life

Charlotte: Philou is a sweet and caring soul. She is always trying to lift people up, and genuinely sees their bright side. She is curious, open minded, smart, thoughtful. The definition of a beautiful person. She is my sunshine.

Earlier in the year you both created a wonderful video featuring your daily lives in lockdown – although you were apart, how did you support each other during this period?

We spoke almost everyday on the phone talking about how our lives after the lockdown will be, making plans, doing apéro on house party with friends, karaoke on Smule.

Charlotte Lemay and Philou Celaries match in candy striped silk sets
Charlotte Lemay and Philou Celaries match in candy striped silk sets

You spent the summer travelling around Europe together – where were your favourite places to visit?

Charlotte: Formentera was really the highlight of my holidays. Everything was perfect, the food, the beach, the people. 

Philou: I personally loved camping by this beautiful lake in the middle of the forest in Poland. Also Formentera with Charlotte and our group of friends was so much fun. 

Which country is on the top of your bucket list once things are back to normal?

Charlotte: I am fascinated by the Japanese culture so I would have to say Japan.

Philou: Iceland, definitely!

Favourite piece from the collection?

Charlotte: I love the Prowling Leopard Silk Pyjama Set.

Philou: It is the Orange Silk Pyjama Set for me!

2020 has been so unpredictable, do you have anything you are both particularly looking forward to?

Charlotte: Hugs, kisses and dancing ! 

Philou: I am looking forward to being able to hug everyone, and travelling far away! 

Charlotte Lemay wears YOLKE Orange Silk Jessica Blouse and Burgundy Corduroy Bow Jean
Philou Celaries and Charlotte Lemay pose in YOLKE's Daywear Collection in Paris
Philou Celaries and Charlotte Lemay pose in YOLKE's Daywear Collection in Paris
Philou Celaries wears the Lemon Jessica Blouse and Jezzabel Skirt print with bright yellow lemons  on a pale blue background

How would you describe each others personal style?

We both like to wear colourful clothes - even in the middle of winter. Loose cuts, comfy high waisted jeans, vintage pieces that we proudly found at the flea market or at the thrift shop. We are also huge fans of Doc Martens in winter and Birkenstocks during summer.

Philou, it is so funny that our paths have crossed again after you were our first ever model for YOLKE! Do you remember anything from that shoot?

Yes! It was one of my first jobs! I remember that I was very excited to spend a day at work in pyjamas, I asked my booker “is this for real ?” 

Charlotte, you run your own blog called CoCo Cactus – what is your favourite topic to post about?

My favourite topic to write for CoCo Cactus is is culture: I’ve studied art history and it’s always been a passion of mine. The aim of my blog is to speak about eco friendly and sustainable living. I love to blend my passion and my commitment in ecology. 

Thank you Charlotte & Philou! 

You can follow the girls and their friendship on Instagram | @philoucelaries@chamellow

Philou Celaries wear the Cornflower Blue Corduroy Belle Blouse and Bow Jean
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