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As the UK enters its sixth week of lockdown we continue to catch up with our YOLKE Girls at home. Aimee Croysdill, celebrity red carpet stylist, chats to us about staying busy and her plans for the future

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Interview with Aimee Croysdill

Our worlds have become considerably smaller over the last couple of weeks! How are you doing at home Aimee?

I’m really enjoying this precious time with my daughter. I didn’t take maternity leave so I feel like I’m getting proper uninterrupted time with her and it’s a total joy. I feel very lucky to be healthy and have a roof over my head to see the silver linings in this fragile time.

Is there anything you are doing to stay busy and creatively inspired?

I have been doing Loungewear Edits on my Instagram, focusing mainly on independent or small businesses. This has been great fun because it’s challenged me to dig deep into my brain which is basically an encyclopaedia of brands! Off the back of that I’ve loved receiving messages from people who have purchased items or sent me little brands I hadn’t heard of before. Also I just watched the Edward Enninful Instagram live with my red headed hero Grace Coddington, it feels so amazing to be a fly on the wall with these people who don’t tend to get on camera.

When you’re not stuck at home, you are a celebrity red-carpet stylist! How did you get into styling? 

I was at UAL (University Arts London) doing a course totally unrelated to fashion or styling. In the summer holiday I worked as a buyer for a feature film art department. Here I met the costume designers Avigail and Damien at Silverspoon Attire. Aside from the film they were styling Rihanna and asked if I would like to help part time after we finished filming. Between handing in my essays and attending the odd lecture I got into styling. The week I handed my final dissertation I got three calls about styling jobs under my own name and that was it… it was all about timing.  

Linen tablecloth in foxglove print

What are your tricks of the trade when it comes to creating the perfect red-carpet look?

Tailoring, I’ve worked with my wonderful tailor Bernie for 8 years and she’s so strict with me, I love it. My clients cherish her honesty and she really helps pick apart the fine details to make everything look perfect for camera and real life. 

Out of your clients, is there one who you the most fun to dress?

Gosh that’s hard because everyone has such a different vibe so it’s all fun. I’d have to say Laura Haddock and I have a lot of fun mainly because we are close friends, so it doesn’t feel like work but also, we’re both Mamas so there’s often the sound of little feet running around. Rhianne Barreto is great fun to style, she exudes cool, young, fun and free. She lights up the room when she enters my studio and we always have a brief of either Granny Chic or Grandpa Chic!  

What is your favourite accessory to finish an outfit?

I’m not a huge accessory fan, I stay true to the saying ‘less is more’ with all my styling but every now and then a bow creeps in. A soft chiffon bow can make something feel timeless then a ridged bow can turn a simple outfit into a fun and carefree look.I’ve loved bows ever since I was a child. I did ballet everyday after school, so they were a huge part of my daily uniform plus my sister gave me a ribbon when she went to university (she’s 10 years older than me so was like my second Mum) and I used to take it everywhere with me.

As a working mum, how do you balance work/home life? Do you have any tips for other working mothers? 

Some weeks I feel like I’ve nailed the balance, then other weeks I feel like I've spent too much time working or too much time being a mum and haven’t creatively felt fulfilled. I generally feel like I've nailed it roughly 80% of the time though because I'm freelance so my work allows me to be fluid in my decisions whether its leaving early or taking a bit more time in the morning to talk about the trees and dogs on a commute to nursery. I feel very lucky because I didn't plan that when finding my career. I think the biggest tip is to have amazing people around you that you can lean on. We have a wonderful part time nanny that steps in at the drop of a hat as she understands my ever changing work patterns. My family and friends have played such a huge part in getting to know my daughter from day one so when I’m looking for last minute help I know my daughter will be comfortable in their company which then makes me comfortable in knowing I can focus on my job. 

Are you working on any projects at the moment? 

I’m helping prep some at home looks for Laura Haddock who is doing virtual interviews for her new Netflix series White Lines. I'm also working on a childrenswear line, I was just about to receive the final samples then lockdown happened so the factory has halted. Very excited to share it with everyone.

Rowan Blossom in foxglove print Valentina linen dress holdind flowers
Aimee in the Sorbet Classic Silk Pyjama Set wearing heels

What do you think will become a trend once we are out of lockdown?

Elevated comfortwear. I think people would have explored all their loungewear during lockdown that they won’t want to put jeans back on! Therefore, will elevate their comfortable clothes by making them look super chic, think if Phoebe Philo only did tracksuits! 

What are you most looking forward to for the future?

I’m hoping that this lockdown makes us all realise we were going too fast and we must slow the pace, life isn’t a race! I also can’t want to work with more talented women and men that continue to inspire me daily.  

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