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Why Linen is Good for Summer

Have you ever been enjoying your holiday getaway, to then realise that your clothing choices are making you hot and clammy and miserable? You had chosen all cotton clothing as you thought it was the coolest and most breathable fabric – isn’t it?

Actually, no, there is a more breathable fabric – linen. Find out here why linen is good for summer…

Linen is breathable

If you’re spending time in hot climates, you don’t want any fabric to cling to your moist skin, which tends to all bunch together and trap sweat in, making you feel sticky and terribly uncomfortable. A linen dress will help you to feel good during the summer months as it dries quicker than other fabrics – such as cotton – and will continue to look crisp and fresh even in hot weather.

The natural fibres and light weave allow your skin to breathe, making a linen dress the perfect piece to wear during the warmer seasons.

Cooling and absorbent

Linen has some fantastic properties - one of these is its ability to conduct heat. Linen absorbs moisture, drying quickly, keeping skin cool and dry. Its complex structure means that it can absorb up to a fifth of its weight before giving you a feeling of being damp or even wet. Some may say it has its own cooling system! Linen is also naturally hypoallergenic, so any sweat mixed with the fibres is not likely to irritate the skin.


Many items of cotton clothing wear out quickly, making you have to replace your summer wardrobe frequently! Linen clothing and garments will last longer than other fabrics, as it is one of the world’s strongest natural fibres and is far more durable than most materials used for clothing, such as cotton.

Linen clothes do not lose their shape, even after many washes, so your linen dress can last for many more years than other garments. Linen actually improves with more washes, as it softens the fabric and molds to the contours of your body with time.

A versatile fabric

Linen clothing stands the test of time, and depending on the cut, always seems to be on-trend with fashion styles. We begin to see that as the weather gets warmer, more linen pieces arrive on the shelves, as summer can’t be seen without this beautiful fabric. The pieces that are created with linen always look light and natural because of linen’s natural texture.  

Why is linen good for summer?

If you have recently purchased a linen dress, this is an ideal staple for your summer wardrobe. Not only does the fabric keep you warm and dry in the hot and sticky months, but the finished pieces will stay looking wonderful for many seasons – you can truly future-buy your wardrobe by buying these timeless pieces, which will last you through summer and many future summers to come!

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