YOLKE | Our Fabrics


At YOLKE HQ, we feel passionately about the world around us and the impact our actions have on the planet. We are fully committed to reducing and eliminating our impact where we can. We are exploring and introducing environmentally sustainable fabrics within all our collections. Linen and TENCEL have been introduced for SS19 and you will see new ones each season being added until our full offering is 100% sustainable.



Flax, from which linen is made is one of the oldest continuously cultivated plants in the world. The fabric's ability to absorb water and conduct heat make it ideal for hot climates. When grown in its ideal geographical zone as our specifically sourced linen is, the cultivating of flax produces no waste. All parts of the plant are used with the long and short fibres being made into textiles. After the plants have been harvested, the root remnants fertilise and clean the soil, thereby improving the productivity of soil for 6 to 7 years. Growing flax does not require irrigation, fertilisers, herbicides nor pesticides, and therefore does not pollute rivers or groundwater.



The fibre is made entirely from regenerated cellulose and as such is exceptionally environmentally friendly. The source material used in the manufacturing process is dissolved wood pulp, which makes it one of the most sustainable options available. 



Our silk is a unique blend of 94% silk and 6% spandex. This blend has been specifically chosen to allow for a crease-free fabric that allows the wearer to continue with daily life without crumples and free to move in any way you feel. The garments are ideal for travelling with silk fibres being cooling in summer and warming in winter, and able to be rolled up minuscule!



We use the softest poplin cotton. Not too heavy and not too light, just right for the perfect night's sleep.