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Meet our favourite fashion and beauty editor, Marloes de Jong

We sat down with Marloes, fashion and beauty editor of one of the biggest Dutch editorials, JAN magazine, and found out how she keeps that sought after work/life balance.

Tell us a bit about how a typical day at Jan magazine might go

No day is a typical day, to say the least! Besides fashion editor, I’m also JAN‘s beauty editor, so most of the time my day starts with un-boxing a lot of packages so that I can reach my desk. We spend our days brainstorming, writing articles, preparing fashion shoots, visiting press events, and creating shopping pages. Essential: laughing, drinking loads of coffee and doing everything with passion. In the evening when I get home, have dinner and take the kids to bed, I often try to do a yoga class in a studio nearby my house.

Your twins are VERY cute, do you have a certain routine that you adhere to in order to keep the life and work balance harmonious?

Ahh thank you!! I really like my job, so I think it is important to show the kids that I do something with passion and fun. When I make a long journey for work, I often know that in advance and I can find the right solution for the girls. Everything is in consultation with dad. Not too often and not too long - balance is key. I do not work fulltime, so the days that I’m not in the office, I’m fully dedicated to the twins and spend my days on the playground. I have a lot of friends with kids around the same age and we share the same day off - that is so cosy. Those days sometimes end up with a house filled with friends, their children and a table filled with pasta.

Apart from Jan (obviously!), if you had to read one magazine for the rest of your life, what would it be?

I love the weekend supplements that come with the Saturday newspapers. Especially the travel section. I tear out and keep the pages with dreamy destinations and inspiring hotels. We’ve both travelled a lot, together and before we met. I can’t wait to take the twins around the world with us.

Best book you’ve read in the last year?

That would definitely be ‘Lion: a long way home’ by Saroo Brierley. My love gave it to me before our holiday to Italy. He always buys me a book just before we leave, as a reminder to switch my phone off and ignore magazines for a while. He always finds exactly the right read for me. I’d heard about this book and since I visited India for JAN magazine recently, I figured it was a must-read. He had the same feeling and was right - I cried my eyes out.

Where’s home right now, and why do you love it?

Less than a year ago we left Amsterdam for a big family house in Utrecht. We renovated almost every corner of it and still spending most of our Saturdays with a paintbrush. Every time we finish something or hang another photo or painting it feels more and more us. I love the fact that the kids can run around in the house and have their own little corners to play

Your house is beautifully decorated! What are your favourite pieces/finds?

Merci! There’s a framed picture of Kate Moss and Johnny Depp by celebrity photographer Richard Corkery I got as a birthday present. It is hanging above a vintage aircraft trolley we found on a flea market. We hide toys in the trolley. I like that mix of functional but aesthetic stuff.

How would you describe your personal style? Do you have an ultimate style icon?

I never had a sister but I wish Leandra Cohen and Caroline de Maigret were mine. I like the fact that they don’t seem to take themselves too seriously. Both in style and in communication. That is how I am. Leopard skirts, striped shirts, jeans, high heels, sneakers. Everything they wear looks great. We could easily share closets. Leandra is a twin mum too. Perhaps if she reads this we could meet for a coffee!

And lastly a question we ask everyone….What do you wear to bed?

I used to wear nothing in bed until the twins were born. Now that I sometimes have to comfort them in the middle of the night, I wear a pyjama shirt.


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