Aimee Greaves is a print designer and the creative behind our Amour Cotton Collection. From her studio in Barcelona she explains her inspiration behind the print. Follow Aimee @studioamour.

Tell us a bit about your studio.

Situated in the heart of Gracia a pretty and vibrant barrio of Barcelona is my design studio and print room, from here I dream up all my print designs. Painting and drawing are the most important starting point and something that I try to practice religiously in order to develop and progress my hand styles and techniques. My main line of work is to create print designs for fabric houses and private clients crossing over from fashion to interiors and vice versa. Jack of all trades, I am in charge of every aspect of the studio, design, development, printing and fitting. When I have a large commission on, I develop the print from here before sending it on to my manufacturers in London for production. I use my studio as a base but it’s also important for me to travel to meet with clients and my manufacturers and to develop projects further afield when necessary..

What took you to Barcelona?

I was drawn to the atmosphere of this City; it feels as though it works at a completely different pace to the other places I've lived. It’s vibrant, light and the sea is just a short bike ride down the road. Despite what people think they don't actually have a sleep at siesta time but they do stop and that stopping and re starting gives the city a healthy sense of calm, before it livens up and comes alive at night. Once you have peeled off the first layer of the city there is a whole world to be explored, in and around Barcelona. I still feel a sense of travel and adventure, this inspiration is crucial to my work.Not only physically but culturally and politically Barcelona feels alive!



Who or what inspired you to take up printing and mark making?

When I was an art student I attended a lecture by a fantastic wallpaper designer called Tracy Kendall (you should definitely look her up if you don’t know her already). Her talk was absolutely inspirational to me and opened my eyes wide to the possibilities of screen printing, large scale! Luckily for me she went on to become my print tutor alongside John Miles (Ex Head of Fashion and Textiles at the Royal College of Art). The power of these two rather strict but incredibly passionate creative minds got me hooked on printing and fabrics, the physical requirements of making a print come to life drew me in, you are quite literally leaving your mark behind. Since then I haven’t thought about anything else.

What inspired this particular design?

I wanted to create a print that felt light, a free spirit, joyful and feminine. The 1940’s film The Red Shoeswas my inspiration for this print. I used to watch this film time and time again when I was a little girl and dreamed of growing to be a dancer like her. Everything about this film is delicious! I wanted the ribbons to dance across the fabric as Moira Shearer did across the stage. I’d like to think that the women wearing this print will also feel dreamy and magic just like the film.


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